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Scanner Angel in New Zealand

Animal Register Limited is the official New Zealand provider of Scanner Angel and the Halo range of microchip readers. By allowing multiple lost pet databases to share missing pet data, it means lost pets can be reported quicker and are more likely to be rehomed as soon as they are found.

Animal Register Limited's partnership with ID Porte, means they are able to provide and support the world leading Scanner Angel software package. This package works with the Halo Scanners to display a message on the scanner screen when a pet is reported as missing and this list is updated from the all pet databases each time the scanner is plugged in to recharge.

The Great Scanner Giveaway!!!

With a $25,000 donation from the NZCAC, Animal Register Limited (ARL) was able to giveaway over 650 new Halo Scanners throughout New Zealand at a total cost of over $100,000. These scanners work with Scanner Angel to make identifying missing pets even easier and ARL were proud to arrange and coordinate this giveaway, as well as fund the bulk of the project. Since 2015 the Scanner Angel network has been helping New Zealand pets get home quicker.

The goal of the free scanner campaign was to increase the number of places members of the public could check their pets are chipped and registered as well as making it even easier to get lost pets get home. The free scanner offer was open to vets, spca's, rescue organisations, pet shops, or any other organisation that helps get lost pets home.

After the first 650 Scanners were given away there was still a long list of worthy recipeients, so ARL 100% funded a further 120 free scanners to help more organisations.

For more on Halo Scanners, Scanner Angel or on purchasing a scanner, call 0800 LOST PET (0800 567873).

You can also purchase a Halo online by clicking here.